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Hi, I'm Sue

I'm an Indo-Caribbean performer, arts administrator, advocate, playwright, and collaborator.  I have dedicated my career to advocating for the revitalization of the foundation of Edmonton’s theatre community to include and celebrate the stories and voices of people from marginalized communities.

As an actor, some of my favourite acting credits include Sue in E DAY (Serial Collective),  Leah in Marnie Day (Could Be Cool Theatre), and Pluto Krasinski in What’s the Deal? (Success 5000). I am also co-founder of the new musical theatre company Could Be Cool Theatre.


I graduated from MacEwan University with a diploma in Arts and Cultural Management, and attended the University of Alberta in pursuit of a degree in Drama. I have spent her arts administration career thus far working for several theatre companies in Edmonton including Grindstone Theatre and SkirtsAFire Festival. In October of 2020, I had the distinct privilege of beginning my tenure as Co-Artistic Producer at Azimuth Theatre.

I am represented by Shawna Church at RJ Talent.


I make my proverbial bag here in Treaty 6 Territory (colonially known as Edmonton, Alberta.) As someone who lives in this body with roots stretching beyond Turtle Island to Guyana, China, and lands unbeknownst to me, I am grateful for the parts of my heritage that have rooted me here in this gorgeous land that has nourished me, taught me, humbled me, and sheltered me. I benefit from the tremendous losses suffered by the Indigenous peoples who cared for this land long before I was born. I work every day to learn, listen, and do as much as I can to be a little better of an ally today than I was yesterday, and to do a bit better tomorrow than I did today.

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